If you have any questions or comments regarding the event, feel free to contact: 

Johan K. Dal (Project Manager)

 Phone: +45 20760674 

Email: johank.dal@gmail.com

Michela Lenta (Slow Food International)

Phone: +39 0172419724

Email: m.lenta@slowfood.it

Loriel Wilkerson (Public Relations & Press Coordinator)

Phone: +39 3337461416 

Email: l.wilkerson@slowfood.it

Laura Deoliveira (Communications Coordinator)

Email: l.deoliveira@slowfood.it

Alexandra Bailie (Social Media Coordinator) 

Email: a.bailie@slowfood.it 

Luisa Zanetti (Volunteer & Housing Coordinator)

Email: l.zanetti@slowfood.it